Hans Rottenhammer: Bohemian Edition

Until August 2008, German painter Hans Rottenhammer (1564-1625) had never inspired an exhibition devoted solely to his own oeuvre. The artist’s historiographical fortunes changed dramatically when the Weserrenaissance-Museum at Schloß Brake in Lemgo, Germany decided to address the situation. Hans Rottenhammer: Desired, Forgotten, Rediscovered precipitated an overwhelmingly positive response among specialists and the general public alike. Now, from 12 December 2008 to 22 February 2009, the exhibition will reach a new audience at the Sternberg Palace location of the National Gallery in Prague.

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Catalogue Specifics:

Heiner Borggrefe, Lubomir Konečný, Vera Lüpkes, Vít Vlnas (ed). Hans Rottenhammer - begehrt, vergessen, neu entdeckt [Hans Rottenhammer - žádaný - zapomenutý – znovuobjevený; Hans Rottenhammer: Desired, Forgotten, Rediscovered] Ausstellung im Weserrenaissance-Museum Schloß Brake bei Lemgo (17.8-16.11.2008) und in der Narodnígalerie Prag (11.12.2008-22.2.2009), Munich, 2008.

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Hans Rottenhammer korrigiert einmal / Hans Rottenhammer corregido una vez