Silesian Gem Surfaces, Albeit Briefly

Silesian portraiture rarely makes an appearance on the art market. When it does come up for sale stateside, the event takes on a tone one might expect from, say, the sighting of an albino blue-footed booby. Today, Christie's begins limited viewing hours for its 28 January sale, including a work by the Master of the Andreas Hertwig Portrait. This unknown artist was active during the middle of the 16th century in the now-dissolved region of Silesia, today part of Poland and the Czech Republic. Notably, the Silesian portrait for sale on the 28th comes from a private collection and, if sold, will probably not soon resurface. Moreover, the work has been published only four times and was last exhibited publicly in 1959--hence the albino blue-footed booby analogy. Viewing hours for the portrait, and other works for sale during the 28 January auction, will take place in New York, at Rockefeller Plaza, at the following times:

Jan 24 1pm - 5pm
Jan 25 1pm - 5pm
Jan 26 10am - 8pm
Jan 27 10am - 2pm

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