Swiss Deluge at Sotheby’s

Perpetual rivals Christie’s and Sotheby’s have elected to vie on 28 January for what money is left in market for Old Master artworks. The coinciding sales would present me with a sitcom-esque dilemma if I had oodles of cash to burn on early modern Central European works. My paddle would leap for the Silesian painting at Christie’s [see my entry on 24 January] but the drawings auction at Sotheby’s would present an almost overwhelming array of options. The first fifty-three works of the auction hail from Central Europe, mostly Switzerland, thus comprise about a third of the total 162-lot sale. Unfortunately, the entire event went under my radar until today, so I can only announce the single remaining viewing time and the auction itself, at:

1334 York Avenue at 72nd St, New York, NY
Tue, 27 Jan 09, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM [viewing time]
Wed, 28 Jan 09, 10:00 AM [sale]

Link to Online Catalogue

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