The Singular Hans von Aachen

Though the show has been up in Aachen for over a month now, I would be remiss not to mention the premier of the first-ever monographic exhibition of the work of Hans von Aachen. The official title, Hans von Aachen (1552-1615): Court Artist in Europe, captures the particular editorial inclinations of its staging: the exhibition is bounded by the artist's lifetiroduction, concerned with his relationship to court culture, and motivated by the agenda of restoring his reputation as a premiere painter of Europe circa 1600. By positioning von Aachen as an itinerant artist-cum-dealer-cum-diplomat active across a variety of major Continental cultural centers, the curators contextualize the artist's practice as new before.

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The Specifics:

Hans von Aachen (1552-1615): Court Artist in Europe

Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum Aachen
11 March - 13 June 2010

Castle Gallery Prague
1 July - 3 October 2010

Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna
19 October 2010 - 9 January 2011

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